Board of Directors

Mr. Ashokbhai Kotadiya

Mr. Vrajlal Shiloja

Mr. Nirav Kotadiya


It has been a memorable year of 1992, when we started our PTA busines with name KRISHNA PLASTIC TRADERS. We dealt with purchase of scrap PTA bags from Rajshree Pollyfill Pvt Ltd situated at Rajpadi, Bharuch. After their acceptance of our tender, we could have remarkeable purchase of 5000 to 10000 bags. From the year 19995 to 2000, we continued purchasing the scrap bags dealing with the ambuja cement, Kodinar.

In year 2000, enterting the field of manufacture, we started our second factory – SITARAM PLASTIC INDUSTRIES and installed machines that produce palstic granules, which followed by MONOFLILAMENT PLANT producing plastic yarns, in 2001. Rope making machines were installed in 2002.


We have evolved our strategy in light of the changing environment. To ensure that we deliver shareholder value, our strategy is based on taking the lead in four key areas: achieving best performance; strengthening relationships with our customers and suppliers; relentlessly pursuing operational excellence and building a winning organisation.

To achieve best performance, our focus is on the fundamentals of cash generation, cost control, improved return on capital and absolute profits.Strengthening our relationships with customers and suppliers hinges on continuing to develop our market insight to guide our quality and service as well as our innovation and product development, and delivering value through the whole supply chain and being recognised for these aspects of our offering.

Relentlessly pursuing operational excellence means taking the lead in key areas such as safety, operations, sustainability and risk management. These are the fundamentals of a quality business and play to our proven core strengths.

Building a winning organisation means fostering a culture that consistently drives performance towards our vision and delivers on promises.

As we look back over the years, our sustained growth has enabled us to emerge as a complete plastic packaging solution provider for the nation and different markets around the globe. The past few years have been a great learning experience at Plastene India limited. Driven by the spirit of success, we always had an eye on growth.

Our customers are invariably world class organisations – often considered best in class in their category. They are well consolidated and continue to rationalise their supplier base and focus on cost. Generally, they look to align themselves with global partners who understand the scale and nature of their business and who can also supply their needs at a local level.

They require support for their growth plans in established and emerging markets and consistency in terms of technological capability, service and quality. They expect their partners to understand the drivers of their markets and to be proactive in contributing to innovative solutions to changing packaging needs and in driving costs out of the supply chain. They also expect them to act in a responsible manner and support their own efforts towards sustainability.


In the years to come, we look forward to working with our members to accelerate change in plastic packaging industry and to create an environment that improves the future of all.

This is an exciting time for Plastene India limited as all the building blocks are in place to create substantial value for our shareholders. The Board would like to thank all of our stakeholders, including customers, co-workers and suppliers for the continued support over the years.

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