Container Liners

Dry Bulk Container Liners

  • Dry bulk container liners shielding the bulk cargo from moisture, contamination and ensuring safety and hygienic transport method.
  • Customized designs of any sizes of container liner desired by the customer.
  • Container dry bulk liners are used in many industries to store and transport chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, agricultural products, seeds and food products.
  • Dry bulk container liners are manufactured using a variety of materials including polyethylene or polypropylene.


  • Are quick and simple to install.
  • Enable bulk cargos to be shipped door to door with a minimum of handling.
  • Avoids cargo contamination.
  • Provides cost efficient savings for the shipping of bulk raw materials.



ISO Container Liners are used for packing & transportation of :-

  • Plastic pellets/resins/granules
  • PTA/PBT /PVC powders
  • Pellets
  • Carbon Black powder
  • Cement/Fly ash
  • Starch/Malt
  • Foodstuff for animals
  • Sugar, Beans, Flour, Salt, Rice
  • Palletized Cargo
  • Wet Hides

Fabric & Size

  • Container liners are made of Polyethylene Film [PE], Woven Polypropylene [PP], Woven Polyethylene [HDPE]
  • Standard sizes are of 20 feet, 30 feet and 40 feet or can be customized as per container loading and discharge styles
  • Container liner accessories are also important for quick installation. Accessories like carabine, spring buckle, bungee cords, D-Rings etc. are some of them which aids to the installation process

Container Liner Styles