Conductive FIBC Bags

Type C Bags (Conductive Bags)

Also known as Conductive FIBC Bags, these Type C bags were originally made entirely from conductive materials. But today, ISB Exim provides Type C FIBC bags that made from non-conductive polypropylene interwoven normally in a grid pattern with conduction yarns. The process involves interconnection of conductive yarns electrically that are later connected to designated ground or earth bonding points. Here, during the stage of bulk bag filling and emptying operations, it is ensured that the ground or earth bonding points are connected to a system ground or earth. Moreover, when the conductive yarns and the connection to ground or earth is interconnected during these operations, the use of Type C FIBC bags becomes critically safe. Though, it must be noted that while ensuring interconnection and grounding of Type C FIBC, there are chances of human errors as the operations are carried out manually.

When it is safe to use?

To transport flammable powders, these conductive jumbo bags can be used safely. Additionally, it can also be used in environments when gases or flammable solvents are present around the bag.

When it shouldn’t be used?

Make sure to not use these Type C Bags when the ground connection is not present or even when it has become damaged due to any reason.

Cross-Corner Loops

Side-Seam Loops

Sleeve Lift

Cross-Corner Loops

Ancillary Loops

Double Stevedore

Single Stevedore

Open Top With Hem

Tie Down Flap

Duffel Top

Open Top & Tightening Holes

Open Top With Draw Cord

Filling Spout

Discharge Spout with

Protection Flap

Discharge Spout with

Iris Protection

Discharge Spout with

Petal Closure

Discharge Spout with

Petal Closure

Discharge Spout

Full Drop Bottom

Quick Discharge/ Conical base