BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bottom Gusset Bags

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Businesses flourish when they are targeted to the right audience, and products get identified only when a versatile packaging accompanies them. It’s the fact that business owners often look for products and ways to simplify their daily operations. If your business is into retail manufacturing mainly for supermarkets, then BOPP bottom gusset bags are the perfect choice.

The Bottom Gusset Bag is ideal for medium to large amounts of content. The bottom gusset bags provide terrific stability and an aesthetic look to the products. It has a flat base that makes it more comfortable to carry and stack. The main advantage is the re-use of the bag, which is a bonus for the seller as well as a buyer.


All these qualities of the Bottom Gusset Bags result in various benefits. The bottom gusset bags are sturdy and can hold up to 5-15 Kg weight without any repercussions. Its manufacturing process, exclusive woven fabrics, and ultrasonic sealing makes it very unique & results with no leaking and thereby making sure that the products are safe & very friendly to carry.

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